Atlas Car Insurance

Why choose Atlas Insurance for your vehicle?

  • Drive confidently in Europe with
    our FREE EU cover
  • FREE 24 hour
    roadside assistance
  • Protected No Claim Discount
    when you claim
  • FREE car rental
    while waiting for parts
    if car cannot be driven safely
  • Removal of Third Party
    damage excess
  • Flood and Storm
  • Free European EU Roadside assistance
    for motorcycles
  • Loss of Keys & Replacement
    of Locks

Earn and Redeem Lava Rewards Points

  • Lava Rewards Points

    Earn and Redeem Lava Rewards Points on your Atlas Motor Insurance for every €1 spent.

  • New Vehicle Discount

    A 20% discount for newly registered vehicles.

  • Protection of No Claim Discount* – UP TO 65%

    Your NCD on third party fire & theft and private comprehensive cover is automatically protected on the 6th year.

  • Specified driver restriction – UP TO 12.5%

    Discounts range from 7.5% to 12.5% and are given to 2 named drivers aged 25 years and over

  • Multiple vehicles insured

    A 10 – 15% discount given on all your vehicles when insuring more than one vehicle.

  • Discount given for optional increase in own damage excesses – Ask us

* Protection of No Claim Discount
If you have 60% (4th year) or 65% (5th year) no claim discount, you may wish to protect this at a nominal charge. This charge will automatically be removed upon reaching maximum 65% (6th year) no claim discount

Your Motor Insurance Policy also

  • Offers financial & legal protection for damages you may cause to other people
  • Saves you the trouble of following up accidents yourself
  • Offers Financial protection for damage to your own vehicle, one of your largest investments
  • Covers windscreen & window damage, legal assistance, medical expenses, theft of personal belongings, and also child car seats.

Car emergency? Call Atlas 24/7 RoadAssist
2122 2111

Free with all private cars and motorcycle Comprehensive policies and at a discounted rate for other classes.
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Travelling to Europe with your car?

The Atlas Travelpak insurance covers trips starting and terminating in Malta, for holidays and commercial business visits for a duration of up to six months.

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