Atlas Electric Vehicle Insurance

Why choose Atlas Insurance for your Electric Vehicle?

  • Damage to the car
    following a short circuit
  • Scrapping of the drive
    battery & decontamination
  • Leading
    claims service

We also offer:

  • Drive confidently in Europe with
    our FREE EU cover
  • FREE 24 hour
    roadside assistance
  • Protected No Claim Discount
    when you claim
  • FREE car rental
    while waiting for parts
    if car cannot be driven safely
  • Removal of Third Party
    damage excess
  • Flood and Storm
  • Free European EU Roadside assistance
    for motorcycles
  • Loss of Keys & Replacement
    of Locks
  • Windscreen & Window Damage


Will my electric vehicle be covered under the Atlas Motor Policies?
Yes your electric vehicle will be covered in the same way as all other motor vehicles having a petrol or diesel engine and the full policy benefits will apply depending on the type of cover you have. For example, fire and theft damage is covered under both comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft policies while any damage caused following lightning, storm and flood, is covered under a comprehensive policy. We further provide an additional benefit to Comprehensive and Third Party Fire & Theft policies covering electric private cars. This benefit provides cover up to €20,000 or the market value at the time (whichever is the lower) for damage to your electric car following a short-circuit to the drive battery and up to €1,000 for scrapping of the drive battery and/or decontamination of your electric car following accidental loss or damage covered by the policy.
On what value should I insure my electric vehicle if I qualified for a Government grant?
We strongly recommend that you insure your electric vehicle on the total value without deducting the government grant. Should your electric vehicle be stolen or involved in an accident where it has become written-off, and you need to replace it with the same electric vehicle, there is no guarantee that the same government grant will be available again or the grant value could be lower. Should this happen, and you would have insured your electric vehicle on the value after deducting the grant, you could find yourself having to pay an amount replacing the grant to be able to purchase another electric vehicle. For example, the purchase price of your electric car was €30,000 and a government grant of €10,000 was given to you. If you insured it on €20,000 and you need to replace it in the first year following a claim, you might need to replace it at the full value of €30,000. This will mean that Atlas will pay you a maximum of 110% of the value i.e. €22,000 and if the purchase price has not further increased during that time, you would need to pay €8,000 to replace it.

Cover that keeps you moving

Your Electric Vehicle Motor Insurance will include all the cover and benefits offered by our Motor policy!

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