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Frequent Questions


What should I do if I am not satisfied with the service I am given?
With the best will in the world, concerns about some aspects of our service can occasionally arise. In such circumstances our staff have wide authority to settle problems and will do everything they can to help. This should be your first point of contact. For further information please refer to our complaints procedure.
What should I do if I want to claim? And what documents are required?
Please refer to the boat claims procedure in our Help and Support section or go to the main menu, select ‘Manage my insurance’ and choose the boat option.
Should I keep damaged items?
Yes, damaged items should always be kept until we advise you to dispose of them.
How and when should I lodge in a claim? When should I inform the Police Authorities?
In the event of loss, theft or malicious damage to your property, you must inform the Police within 24 hours of discovery and then notify our Claims Department on Telephone Number 23435375 and you will be guided accordingly.

Insurance Cover

Do I need a nautical licence to insure a boat?
You do not require to be in possession of a Nautical Licence if your boat has an engine below 30HP. However, if your craft is equipped with 30HP engines or more, then you should not drive the craft without having first obtained your nautical licence. Our policies insure persons that have the relevant qualifications according to Law so you would need to obtain the Nautical Licence to be in line with the policy conditions.
What documents do I need to carry on board the boat?
You should keep copies of your current insurance document, your vessel’s current registration document and your valid nautical licence (if required) in a waterproof document wallet.
Are my family covered if they get injured on board the craft?
The Personal Accident Section of the Atlas Plain Sailing policy provides benefits noted in the policy in respect of bodily injury sustained by passengers while on board of the craft.

Both Plain Sailing and Latitude policies protect you should you be legally liable for injuries which passengers – including family members - sustain while on board.
Should I decide to sell the boat, can I cancel the insurance policy?
Yes. You may cancel the insurance at any time and may even be eligible for a partial return premium if the craft is being sold and no claims have been lodged. In case of S-registered craft, we would require sight of an insurance document and Certificate/Schedule on the new owner for the remaining period of insurance or the Transport Malta transfer of ownership document.
Do I pay the insurance first or the registration?
For S-registered boats, the renewed insurance document needs to be presented to Transport Malta to enable them to renew your registration. Other registries such as the Malta Fisheries (MFA/MFB/MFC) and Merchant Shipping (Valletta registrations) do not require sight of the insurance document.
Is it a legal requirement for me to insure my boat?
However, the law obliges all crafts with engines delivering more than 9.9 HP to be insured for at least third party risks.

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