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What do I do if I have a medical emergency during my trip?
Atlas has a 24 hour worldwide international medical rescue emergency service with Global Response. In the event of an illness or injury which requires you to go into hospital as an in-patient, please phone on +44 292 066 2438. You must always inform them that you are insured with Atlas Insurance PCC Limited in Malta and quote your Travel Policy Number. You must also notify our office in Malta of such claims on +356 2343 5381 or by email on
What should I do if I am not satisfied with the service I am given?
With the best will in the world, concerns about some aspects of our service can occasionally arise. In such circumstances our staff have wide authority to settle problems and will do everything they can to help. This should be your first point of contact. For further information please refer to our complaints procedure.

Insurance Cover

When does my insurance cover start?
Your cover starts once the policy is issued or 12 months prior to the start of the trip whichever is the later. This normally follows application, acceptance of application and payment of premium. Once cover starts you will be protected against some of the problems that may cause you to cancel a pre-booked holiday.
If I buy a policy online, how do I know that the Policy went through OK?
You will be sent an email to the email address you provided and in it you will be supplied with a Policy Reference Number (which is also quoted at the time your payment goes through during the purchase process) and if you like you can print out the policy schedule & document after payment has been effected, or save them electronically.
I am going abroad on business, am I covered?
The policy covers non-manual work in connection with a profession, business or trade, but any manual work carried out during a business trip is not covered.
Is my laptop covered under my travel insurance?
Laptops are considered as valuables and they are covered up to the article limit of €750 (or €300 with Budget Cover Option) that applies on Travel policies.
Am I covered for skiing or similar sports?
You are not automatically covered for winter sports under our Travelpak Policy, however, there is a ‘Slalom Extension’ option available, which will cover you while skiing and for which you will have to pay an additional premium. Not all forms of winter sports are covered, though. See our Summary of Cover for more details.
Is there a limit to the length of my holiday cover?
Yes, the Travelpak cover limit for a single trip is 6 months duration. See also “When does my insurance cover start?”.
Are one way trips covered?
No. Travelpak only covers round trips starting and terminating in Malta.
Can I get a refund on a policy?
We will refund your premium if you find that the policy doesn't meet your requirements. In this case you have to return the policy booklet and schedule to us within 14 days. Your premium will be refunded in full provided no claim has been made on the policy. Document will, however, not be refunded.
What about expeditions and extreme sports?
The Policy will not cover you for boxing, bungee jumping, canoeing at grade 4 or above, caving or cave diving, canyoning, rock climbing or mountaineering requiring the use of guides or ropes, extreme sports of any kind, expeditions, quad-biking, gliding, gymnastics, hang gliding, high diving, horse riding in competitions, hot air ballooning (unless as part of an organised trip with a qualified pilot), hunting, jet skiing, karate, kayaking, martial arts, microlighting, parachuting, paragliding, parapenting, polo, pot holing, rafting, rugby, shark diving, sky diving, sky surfing, trekking in excess of 2,500 metres altitude, tubing, underwater activities requiring the use of artificial breathing apparatus (except scuba diving of less than 15 metres depth if suitably qualified or if supervised by a professional instructor) or wrestling.

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