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How can I be sure that my claim will be paid before I go ahead with my pet’s medical treatment?
Just call our personal insurance department on 23435293, by email on [email protected] or use AtlasChat and tell us about your pet’s proposed treatment. We require you to contact our offices and preauthorise your pet’s treatment when planning the following:
  • an overnight stay in any clinic or hospital
  • an operation (including any dental procedure) involving the administration of general anaesthetic
  • How often can I claim?
    You can claim as many times in a year as necessary, up to the amount of the policy benefits.
    What do I do if I want to claim?
    Please refer to the pet claims procedure in our Help and Support section or go to the main menu, select ‘Manage my insurance’ and choose the pet option.

    Insurance Cover

    Does my pet need to be micro-chipped and vaccinated?
    Yes, your pet will definitely need to be properly vaccinated and micro-chipped to be insured.
    Will my pet be covered abroad?
    If you purchase the Premier plan, your pet will be insured for treatment in European Union member states if your pet is fit to travel. You may also take your pet abroad with you on holiday for a maximum period of 90 days per annum.
    Will my pet be covered immediately?
    Once we have processed your application form and you have paid your premium, we will send you your Pet Insurance certificate and policy wording giving full information on how to claim. You will be able to claim 14 days after the start date of the policy.
    Will my pet be covered for any existing illnesses or medical conditions?
    In the majority of cases, your dog or cat will not be covered for past medical conditions. However, it is important that you give us full details of any past medical conditions so that we can make a fair decision on cover and advise you of any specific exclusions.
    Will my dog or cat need a medical examination to get pet insurance?
    In most cases this is not necessary. We will, however, require your pet’s details, particularly breed and age so that we can determine whether a medical certificate would be required.

    Hello, I’m Andrea, a member of the Personal Insurance team.
    If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for you can speak to me or one of my colleagues.

    Our chat is open Monday to Friday: 8:30am to 6:15pm and Saturday: 8:30am – 13:00pm

    Outside these hours, you can leave a chat message or send an email to [email protected]

    Do you need a claim form or to look at your policy?

    Find all Pet Insurance forms, documents and more info here or go to our Help and Support section.

    Do you need to make a claim or understand how to do so?

    Don’t worry just follow our Claiming step-by-step process and let us know about it. We’ll sort out things for you immediately.

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