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We value passionate people, forward thinking and a happy workplace.

There is more to Atlas then the products we sell and the image we portray.
At Atlas we believe in a purpose beyond profit

Engaging working environments

At Atlas, we offer staff members the space in modern, well-kept offices to build a great rapport with colleagues, get to know one another better and build stronger teams.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Atlas invests widely in its Corporate Social Responsibility Programme within the parameters of its CSR policy and encourages participation of its staff members.

Atlas Social Club

Away from the daily hustle and bustle of the office, Atlas Social Club creates events for staff members, occasionally inviting families to break away from the formality of our roles at the office. Events may be cultural, leisure, sporting or philanthropic.

Atlas Wellness Programme

Additionally, the Atlas Wellness Programme seeks to encourage staff members with health and fitness related issues and supports employees to choose a healthier lifestyle offering educational talks from healthcare professionals and ongoing classes such as yoga, circuit training and a walking club.

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We value passionate, forward thinking people and a happy workplace.

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