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Is there any excess payable under the iCycle policy?
Yes, there is an excess of €50 applicable for each and every loss. In the cases listed below, however, there is an excess as outlined for each and every loss:
• Theft from outside the home - 20% of the sum insured (with a minimum of €125)
• Public liability - €125 any one claim for third party property damage, except for use in competitions (Sprint option), in which case the excess is €500 for any one claim.
• Other use in competitions (Sprint option) - 20% (with a minimum of €250)
What is evidence of ownership?
Original sales purchase or receipt or other evidence which clearly demonstrates ownership. The evidence should clearly show date, price paid and details of the bicycle, accessories and approved lock (if you wish cover to be operative while the bicycle is unattended)
How do I make a claim?
You may download our claim form from atlas.com.mt, where you will find step by step instructions on how to claim. Alternatively please call us on 2343 5381. Please remember to report any theft or malicious damage to the Police. If anything goes wrong during transit by ferry or air (upshift option), please report such losses to the carriers.

Insurance cover

What does Personal Accident cover me for?
The policy offers insurance for bodily injury or death following an accident. Please see the policy for more details. The benefits/limits following an accident with your insured bicycle are as follows:

Line Option
• Loss of Limb and/or Loss of Sight €7,500 • Permanent Total Disablement €15,000 • Death €15,000

Upshift Option (improved cover)
• Loss of Limb and/or Loss of Sight €15,000 • Permanent Total Disablement €30,000 • Death €30,000

• €100 for inpatient hospitalization in excess of 24 hours/up to 30 days • €500 for broken bones • €250 for dental treatment

These benefits are also applicable to the family members specified under our Family Cover
Will my bicycle be covered if I leave it unattended?
Yes it will, provided that the bicycle has been secured to an immovable object with an approved lock.
Do I have to let you know if I change my bicycle throughout my policy period?
Yes, we will need to cancel your current policy and a new policy issued on the substitute bicycle. A refund of premium will be given on the cancelled policy and a new premium charged on the new policy.
Do you insure Professional Cyclists?
We are unable to provide cover for professional cyclists.
Is there an age limit on the iCycle policy?
We cannot cover persons under 16 years of age for Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover applies only to persons aged 16 to 75 years old.
Do I have to let you know if I am taking my bicycle abroad?
If you are planning cycling holidays in Europe, you will need to take up the Upshift optional benefit, as this will automatically cover you for any trip in Europe up to 15 days per trip. You do not to inform us before going on a trip and you will also be covered while your bicycle is in transit by ferry or air. Our Line policy only covers the bicycle within the Maltese Islands.
Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes, to get full Personal Accident cover for head injuries, you need to be wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, although it is not necessary for other sections of the policy such as liability or accidental damage.
What does Public Liability insurance cover me for?
Any injury or property damage to other people (third parties) which arise from your use or ownership of a bicycle.
Will I be covered if I use my bicycle for competitive racing?
Yes, you can be covered but you will need to take up the Sprint option at an additional charge. Higher excesses apply for this cover as well as reduced third party liability of €250,000 which is also limited to €60,000 in respect of liability towards fellow competitors.
Can I include more than one bicycle on this policy?
Yes, multiple bicycles can be insured under the iCycle policy and you can take up the Family option to cover different members of your family using the insured bicycles, provided that family members are parents, spouses, partners, sons, daughters or siblings who live permanently with you. If you take up the family option, your family members will also be insured for public liability (liability to others). Please see the cover table opposite regarding age limits on personal accident and public liability.
Can I insure my bike if it is second hand or more than 3 years old?
Yes, you should still insure the bike for the new retail (new for old) value. In the event of a claim for loss or theft of the whole bicycle the following deprecation will be applied:

• Up to 3 years old - no depreciation
• Over 3 years and up to 5 years old - 25%
• Over 5 years and up to 7 years old - 35%
• Over 7 years - 50%

The age of the bicycle will be determined by the age of the frame based on its date of manufacture.
What value should I insure my bike for if I bought it on sale or second hand, or it is over 3 years old?
You should insure your bike for the full retail value should you need to buy a new one. Depreciation will apply. See the FAQ on depreciation for more details.
How do I value my bicycle if it is made up of different parts and has been customised?
You need to obtain a value by adding up the overall cost of parts (using original receipts), but it is advisable to discuss such bicycles with us when taking up cover.
What about any spare wheels in the cost of the bicycle or are they included in accessories?
Any spare parts or wheels which are not permanently attached to the bicycle cannot be covered; not even as accessories.
Do you cover bike boxes or bags?
Yes, we can cover a bike box for theft, loss or damage under the bicycle accessory section. Just choose the best level of cover to suit the value of your bike box and any other accessories you would want to cover. The box/bag will be insured only if the bicycle is being carried in such boxes or bags.
What do you mean by accessories?
Accessories are items added and fixed to your bicycle in addition to the manufacturer’s original specifications and not included in the original value of the bicycle. These can include cameras specifically designed for cycling, cycling computers, lights, cycle luggage and panniers, cycle boxes or bags, trailers and passenger carrying trailers. Clothing, backpacks and similar items are not insured under this policy; spare parts or wheels not permanently attached to the bicycle aren’t covered either.
Can I insure my bike’s accessories?
Yes, you can. Accessories are covered if they are lost or damaged at the same time as the loss or damage to your bicycle.
What are the types of insurance available?
There are 2 levels of cover and 2 optional benefits: •Line: this is the standard insurance cover which is suitable for entry level • Upshift: gives superior cover, especially for those who travel with their bikes. Public liability and personal accident cover have double the limits of the Line level of cover. The optional benefits are: • Sprint cover for those involved in sports and competitions • Family cover for insuring other cyclists in the family
What does iCycle bicycle insurance cover?
The Atlas iCycle policy is aimed at non-professional cyclists and covers loss or damage to all types of bicycles; it also includes liability to others and personal accident cover for the bicycle’s rider.

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