Atlas Group

Atlas holds talk on viral diseases for staff

As part of the Atlas Wellness Programme, Atlas staff were invited to an information session on viral diseases, with a focus on chicken pox. The talk was given by Dr. Julian Mamo, Head of the Public Health Department and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery.

Dr. Mamo discussed incubation periods as well as preventive measures such as available vaccines.
With easier access to vaccines, diseases like rubella have been eradicated from Malta, and with time and education, chicken pox may follow the same route.

“This talk forms part of a series of information sessions on health issues and awareness which we organize for the benefit of our employees. Other talks held include topics like mental illness, breast health, weight loss, nutrition and smoking cessation. It gives everyone the opportunity to learn and ask questions, as well as take steps to ensure their own wellbeing.” said Jackie Attard Montalto, HR and Marketing Manager. “In fact these talks are always well received by staff, who find the information useful for themselves and their families.”

Ms Attard Montalto also remarked that “Besides educational seminars we also offer our staff circuit training classes as well as a walking and running club, which is often used as training for the Malta Marathon.”