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White Tower Clean up

Second clean up at White Tower

Two groups of Atlas staff recently left the office behind to spend two afternoons clearing up the ditch area at the White Tower at L-Ahrax tal-Mellieha. This was the second clean up at the Tower by Atlas staff, with the first clean up taking place in October last year.
Employees from different departments donned gardening gloves and shears, and under the guidance of the Restoration Project Co-ordinator, Martin Vella, worked hard to remove the wild vegetation which has been left to grow for over 15 years.
This initiative was organized as part of the larger sponsorship project over three years where Atlas is supporting the restoration of the guard room, part of the White Tower complex. When restoration is completed, the British period guardroom will be used as a multi-purpose room for meetings and events.

“At Atlas, supporting and promoting our national heritage is an important pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility,” said Catherine Calleja, an Atlas director. “We also believe it is important to involve our staff as much as possible – this is one of the reasons behind Atlas Volunteering Leave, a scheme launched to provide an additional two days leave for each staff member to use for any volunteering initiatives with charitable institutions or NGOs. In fact staff were able to make use of this special leave to participate in the clean-up.”