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Malta Chamber and Atlas Insurance sign Bronze partnership agreement

New Health and Wellness Committee will focus on enhancing competitiveness and resilience through physical and mental health

The Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry signed a Bronze Partnership agreement with Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd, intended to enhance collaboration between this prominent insurance company and the Chamber. Through the agreement, Atlas Insurance will support The Malta Chamber in the formation of a newly established Policy Committee for Health and Wellness Committee.

Speaking during the signing, Perit David Xuereb President of The Malta Chamber said that the agreement will certainly bring new value for Chamber members whilst contributing to put Physical and Mental Wellness higher on the national agenda. Mr Xuereb explained that the physical and mental health of employers and their staff is directly correlated to resilience and competitiveness of our businesses and the country.   He noted that going forward, as outlined in the Chamber’s Vision for 2020-2025, economic growth must develop hand in hand with the quality of life of our people.  To this end, the subject of Mental Health was amply promoted and discussed during a well-received webinar organised by the Chamber during the COVID crisis.  “We are now truly pleased to have signed and concluded this agreement with Atlas Insurance PCC as I believe they are the ideal partners for the Chamber’s ambitions in this area.”

Mr von Brockdorff Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Insurance said that this agreement cements the close relationship between Atlas and The Malta Chamber: “With the formation of the Health and Wellness Committee, the business community will benefit from a better exchange of insights and policies between various stakeholders, aimed at raising the bar in terms of the importance of work-life balance and the physical and psychological wellbeing of employees and businesses. This is something which is close to our heart as, for many years, we have promoted a healthy lifestyle amongst our employees as part of the Atlas Wellness programme.” 

Ms Catherine Calleja, Director, Group Company Secretary and Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare added: “We will make every effort to use our Group’s experience in healthcare provision and risk management to increase employee wellbeing and engagement and ultimately to develop a more positive and productive work environment.”

Ms Calleja will be chairing The Malta Chamber Health and Wellness Committee.

Through this agreement, Atlas Insurance Ltd shall contribute its expertise and resources towards the Health and Wellness Committee. In turn, the contribution will support Atlas Insurance in accomplishing its own Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) function in terms of supporting the cause of private sector interests in rendering Malta a better place to do business now and in the future, and in so doing generating better lives for its people. 

The Health and Wellness Committee is a new horizontal policy committee being set up to draw on the work of experts and Economic Groups to ensure that the Chamber is centrally positioned to provide leadership in the country and to the business community. 

The agreement was signed by President Perit David Xuereb and Deputy President Ms Marisa Xuereb on behalf of the Malta Chamber and Mr Matthew von Brockdorff and Ms Catherine Calleja for Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd.

This Agreement signifies the 10th of its kind at Bronze Level agreements with other leading Maltese businesses.