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ICAS International Employee Assistance Programmes now available in Malta

ICAS International, the global wellbeing division of UK and International health insurers AXA PPP Healthcare, is pleased to announce an exciting development for Malta in collaboration with locally-based Atlas Healthcare.

Through the ICAS International Assistance Programme, employees and their family members in Malta can now have access to this unique service, a completely confidential 24/7 personal support line, a local legal and financial helpline, optional local face-to-face counselling, as well as support for HR and line managers.

 In addition, local account handlers will provide support for a company’s own wellness initiatives with access to a wide range of resources from ICAS.

These services can now be accessed in Malta through a collaboration with Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited, who will be introducing the ICAS services to clients’ HR and people-management teams. 

ICAS has been established and experienced in designing, implementing and operating Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), counselling, wellbeing & related services for over 30 years, initially in the UK and then extending globally since 1998. The company is represented worldwide through a network of high-quality provider partnerships and affiliate providers in 126 countries.

Clients are predominantly provided with psycho-social support for their employees and family members, aimed at enabling them to cope more readily with many of the personal issues that can cause stress and anxiety, and helping them to deal with these before they become significant. ICAS also has the resources to offer access to a wide range of complementary services in many markets including critical incident planning & response, trauma support, wellness programme creation & development, coaching, training, biometric screening and health profiling.

 ICAS International’s portfolio of global clients covers a wide range of industry sectors including financial services, manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical, transportation and production.

The service is exclusively provided by AXA ICAS Limited and Atlas Healthcare has no direct or indirect involvement in the provision of the service.

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