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Atlas wins Employee Engagement Award for second year running

Atlas wins Employee Voice Award for the second year running

Atlas Group was recently awarded overall winner for the most engaged employees in the 100+ employees’ category. The Employees’ Voice award was presented to Marketing and HR Manager Jackie Attard Montalto at the HR Spring Event, organized by Business Leaders Malta.

“This award is testimony to all our staff, in every job and at every level, who make such an effort to make Atlas a great place to work,” said Ms Attard Montalto.

“Thanks to our staff and management, we have a corporate culture which encourages development and ongoing feedback to improve our working environment. I am pleased that our hard work and effort to create a positive environment for our staff has been recognised – it give us added motivation to always do better.”

Atlas takes the positive engagement of its employees very seriously, with ongoing monitoring throughout the year, together with performance appraisals and regular feedback. “We analyse the responses received and feed them back into our processes to improve them – we believe it is critical that Atlas staff feel comfortable to share their opinions, and that these opinions and suggestions will be listened to,” said Ms Attard Montalto.

“Positive engagement through the promotion of healthy lifestyles is the ethos behind Atlas Wellness, our health and fitness programme,” explained Ms Attard Montalto. “Through Atlas Wellness, we organise subsidised exercise sessions, such as circuit training and the walking and running club, as well as presentations by experts on exercise, nutrition as well as various health conditions.”

“We also have a very active Social Club, who organise various activities throughout the year, such as our annual treasure hunt, fundraising for good causes, and parties where staff can just have a good time in a relaxed setting,” said Ms Attard Montalto.