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Atlas Day 2018 The Learning Organisation

Atlas Insurance – a learning organisation

As part of its human resources programme, the Atlas Group recently held the fourth edition of Atlas Day, a day of development but also relaxation for all staff.

“On Atlas Day, the aim is to celebrate our achievements and our people’s hard work,” said Atlas Group CEO Michael Gatt. “We believe it is important to take a moment to come together and acknowledge our success across the group, whilst at the same time focusing the day around a particular theme. This year we chose The Learning Organisation.”

“We must look at work that is less routine and more based on the human factor, so that each one of us can inject our own passion and dedication into our job and feel we are making progress and a contribution to the success of the company. We are all essential factors in the success of the various companies of the Atlas Group,” he added.

“This year, we have started a leadership development programme which will be ongoing. We began with the development of coaching skills, which will show managers the importance of doing less hands on work and more transformational management, which means that managers will be spending more time listening to and developing their teams. We want is to better facilitate employee learning and development at all levels.” explained Atlas HR and Marketing Manager, Jackie Attard Montalto.

They keynote speaker of the event was Patrick L. Young, an entrepreneur and a leading thinker in financial markets and investment. Originally a derivatives analyst and broker, Young has experience running an exchange and a boutique investment bank as well as working in private equity markets. He is also the author of several books. “It was a pleasure to talk about the future of work and life with a leading Maltese brand and the dynamic Atlas team,” said Mr Young.