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Atlas employees learn about posture and ergonomics

Atlas employees learn about posture and ergonomics

Atlas Group employees recently attended an information session on ergonomics and posture, delivered by Dr John Xerri De Caro. The session was organized by the firm’s Human Resources Department, as part of the Atlas Wellness Programme.

Dr Xerri De Caro is a physiotherapist and has a Masters Degree in Sports Injuries and Therapy. He also has a PhD from Sheffield Hallam University. He is currently a Senior Lecturer of Physiotherapy for the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Malta and is an Executive Board member from the European Region on the World Confederation for Physiotherapy (WCPT).

Dr. Xerri De Caro described the muscular and skeletal issues affecting people with jobs requiring them to sit at a desk using a computer for prolonged periods. He covered prevention as well as ways to alleviate stiffness and pain. He also explained various quick and yet effective exercises that can be done in the office to break up the time spent sitting at a desk.

Jackie Attard Montalto, Marketing and HR Manager of Atlas Group said: “At Atlas we take our employees welfare very seriously. After all, our colleagues are the backbone of the company. These practical sessions are always well received and attended.”

Ms Attard Montalto added that through feedback from employees, as well as risk assessments, the company makes a continuous effort to improve the working environment and comfort of its staff.

The Atlas Wellness programme is an in-house programme dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle including physical and mental health and encompasses information sessions, as well as subsidized exercise and training facilities.