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24/7 Emergency Health Helplines
Atlas Healthcare proudly offers a unique selection of three helpline services for your support and security.

We also provide a local 24 hour GP assistance service.

You can call a member of our GP service team on +356 21 222 555 at any time of day or night
to get fast and confidential help

When would I call the 24 Hour GP helpline?

You can call our helpline when you have a question about your health. Our GPs can clarify questions about symptoms, drugs or treatments or give information about preventive care, hospital care or treatment. The telephone service will not take the place of your family doctor and the GP will not conclusively diagnose or prescribe on the telephone.

What if I need to see a GP?

If you do need to see a doctor, the GP will advise you to see your family doctor which would be preferable for continuity of care. The GP will however also be able to arrange a visit should your family doctor not be available. The timing of the home/clinic visit would depend on the urgency of the case. Although the telephone service is free of charge for members (except for the cost of your outgoing telephone call), payment for any medical visit must be made directly to the GP whether or not it is recoverable from AXA. In the case of an emergency you should contact the emergency services on 112 directly.

What information will I need to give the GP?

Personal details such as your name, identity card number/address and group name if relevant will be recorded for monitoring the use of the service. Atlas Healthcare and Atlas may also contact you to seek your feedback on the service in the future. Basic medical information relating to the call may also be recorded and passed on to Atlas.

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