Atlas Bike Insurance - What's covered

Flexible cover options to keep cycling fun

With Atlas’ iCycle policy, its easy to have your mind at rest. Whether you’re concerned about your bike and its accessories, your safety, or the safety of others, you’re in good hands. The first of its kind in Malta, Atlas is expanding its services to offer more and more cover for the things that make life worth living.

The following is a short summary of what insurance is available with the iCycle policy. For more details see our our FAQs.

What's coveredLineUpshift
Inside the home
Outside the home while unattended & secured with an approved lock to an immovable object
In transit in Malta (by car or ferry)
In transit in Europe (by car, ferry or air and for up to 15 days per trip)
Accidental Damage
Anywhere within the Maltese Islands and on any ferry crossing
In Europe (up to 15 days per trip)
Public Liability
(over 16 only)
Third party limit of liability €250,000€500,000
Personal Accident*
(between 16 and 75, and helmet must be worn at all times)
Loss of limb €7,500€15,000
Loss of sight €7,500€15,000
Permanent total disablement (PTD) €15,000€30,000
Death €15,000€30,000
Maximum payable through the lifetime of a policy €15,000€30,000
In-patient hospitalisation benefit for stays of more than 24 hours - €100 per day up to 30 days (any one accident)
Broken bones benefit of €500 any one accident
Dental treatment benefit - limit of €250 any one accident
Optional benefitsLineUpshift
Policy cover applicable to specified family members
Accidental damage during competitions (Maltese islands)
Accidental damage during competitions (in Europe for up to 15 days per trip)
Public Liability up to €250,000 any one accident
Liability towards other participants - up to €60,000 any one accident
Personal accident during competitions

* Broken bones, hospitalisation and dental treatment will be deducted from the
amount payable following loss of sight or limbs, PTD or death.