Home insurance assumptions

Please ensure that the information provided by you is correct & that you agree with
the statements on this page. Should you decide to buy this policy, these details
will form the basis of the insurance contract between us.

If your circumstances change between the date you purchase the policy and the date
when you require the policy to commence, please call us. Incorrect information could
invalidate your policy.

  • Your home is located in Malta or Gozo
  • You do not use your home for any business purposes or for the storage of business
  • No person living at your home has had any criminal convictions, been previously
    refused insurance or had any terms imposed
  • Your home is in a good state of repair
  • In the past three years you have not suffered any loss, destruction or damage or
    been liable for any accident involving other persons in respect of any event which
    you wish to insure
  • Your home does not have a history of flood or subsidence
  • Your home is built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with stone, slate, tiles,
    asphalt, metal or concrete
  • If you answer ‘no’ to any of the above, we cannot proceed with your online quote.
    However, please call us on 23435381 to discuss your quote further.