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Insurance Cover

How do I purchase the policy?
We will need your personal details, a copy of your driving licence and full details of your e-scooter. If you are purchasing accidental damage cover, we would need proof of purchase to quantify the value when purchased. The value will be calculated taking into consideration the approx. new purchase price and a deduction of 10% is made for every year after the first year from purchase. You may contact us on 2343 5381 or on LiveChat and we will guide you accordingly.
Is the insurance cost very high?
No, the cost is minimal and you can easily get an online quotation.
Will my e-scooter be covered if it is stolen?
If you take up the accidental damage optional cover, you will be covered if your e-scooter is stolen from your home (place of residence) or from the locked luggage boot of a motor vehicle. There is no theft cover while the scooter is left unattended even if it is locked and chained to an immovable object.
What do I do in the event of an accident involving another vehicle or person?
You will need to phone up the local traffic wardens in the event of your involvement in an accident with another vehicle. In the event that any person is injured, you would need to call the police. In the event of accidental damage where no other person or vehicle are involved, you would need to report the incident at the nearest police station explaining the circumstances so that a police report may be issued. You may phone us on 2343 5381 and we will guide you should you be unclear on what you need to do.
Is there a policy excess applicable?
Yes, there is a standard €100 policy excess applicable for all claims.
Will my e-Scooter be covered for accidental damage?
There is an option to purchase accidental damage including fire and theft. The premium payable will be higher to include such damage.
Will insurance cover damages I cause third parties?
Yes, the primary cover of our policy is third party liability as required by legislation. The liability limits that apply for all motor vehicles will apply to your registered e-scooter.
Do I have to register my e-Scooter with Transport Malta?
Yes, all e-scooters have to be registered and licensed with Transport Malta. A one-time registration fee will be charged (€10). No renewal fee is charged after that but proof of insurance cover is required by Transport Malta every year.
Where can I use my e-Scooter?
Our insurance cover stipulates that all Transport Malta regulations are followed. Such regulations state that use is banned from arterial roads, underpasses and tunnels but can be ridden in urban areas and cycle lanes. The maximum speed is 10km/h on promenades and pedestrian areas, and 20 km/h on roads.
How will I qualify for your iScoot policy?
You will need to be 21 years or over and you must have been resident in Malta for at least 6 months. You must also be in possession of a standard motor driving licence (Category A, AM or B) or similar categories of your licence is not issued in Malta. Please also note that your e-scooter must be in conformity with the regulations especially the maximum designed speed.

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