GEO-INF: Innovating Water Sustainability

GEO-INF is a sustainable project developed by Ing. Marco Cremona of Sustech Consulting, and supported by the Atlas Insurance Community Involvement Fund.

GEO-INF has received national and international recognition, including the prestigious Energy Globe Award 2011 and the Malta Innovation Awards 2014.

GEO-INF collects rainwater from school roofs and channels it into a small tank connected to a gravel filter and an infiltration borehole. Unlike conventional boreholes, this system channels water into the ground, replenishing groundwater aquifers.

GEO-INF’s impact is significant, with each installation recovering around 100,000 litres of water annually. This project reverses the trend of decreasing natural recharge opportunities, ensuring more rainwater reaches the aquifers.

The GEO-INF Project primarily focuses on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation. By replenishing groundwater through rainwater collection, GEO-INF helps combat water scarcity and flooding in Malta, addressing SDG 13 – Climate Action. Additionally, the project contributes to SDG 2 – Zero Hunger and Food Security, as it improves the sustainability of groundwater resources vital for agricultural and food production.

The project brings essential social benefits, including the recovery of fresh rainwater for the rehabilitation of Malta’s aquifers, reducing flooding, and increasing awareness about water conservation in a water-scarce country. The project’s educational element contributes to SDG 4 – Quality Education.

Atlas Insurance is collaborating with local schools to fund the installation of rainwater recovery facilities, as part of its commitment to environmental sustainability.

This project is being funded by the Atlas Insurance Community Involvement Fund. This fund is aimed at addressing specific areas where Malta is falling short of its Sustainable Development Goals. GEO-INF is one of the projects which were supported in 2023.

Water consumption is a crucial aspect of our daily lives, and being mindful of how we use this precious resource can have a significant impact on conserving it for future generations.

In Malta, the average person uses approximately:

For example:

By adopting simple yet effective water-saving practices, we can contribute to a more sustainable future for our children and the generations to come. Let’s work together to be responsible of our water resources. Here are some ideas which can be easily done:

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