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Atlas sahhtek fourth seminar

Fourth Saħħtek Seminar for Atlas clients

Atlas Insurance clients recently attended a seminar about obesity in Malta, organised by Atlas and Saħħtek, the nationwide health and wellbeing study being carried out by the University of Malta.

The talk was given by Dr. Sarah Cuschieri, the Saħħtek project co-ordinator and Assistant Lecturer with Master within the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery, together with Dr. Julian Mamo, Head of the Public Health Department and Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine & Surgery.

Dr Cuschieri and Dr Mamo discussed the common definitions of obesity and the importance of seeking professional help before labelling yourself as ‘obese’.

They also discussed the situation in Malta through the results of the Saħħtek study, as well as the causes and consequences of obesity, what health issues may arise from excess body fat and suggestions on what to do.

The series of Saħħtek educational seminars form part of Atlas’ sponsorship of the Saħħtek study as well as the Atlas Wellness programme, which promotes a healthy lifestyle through various initiatives for staff and clients. The previous talks covered diabetes related conditions and lifestyle choices, and exercise.

Saħħtek is a nationwide study being carried out to determine the proportion and number of persons suffering from diabetes, hypertension, lack of physical activity and obesity in Malta. The fieldwork all over Malta and Gozo has been completed, with the team now in the last stages of the laboratory work.
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