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Atlas to support Din L-Art Helwa's White Tower Project

Atlas supports Din L-Art Helwa’s White Tower restoration project

As part of its corporate social responsibility programme, Atlas Insurance will be supporting the restoration of the White Tower in l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha. The restoration of this coastal tower, built by Grand Master De Redin in the mid-17th century, has been entrusted to Din l-Art Ħelwa by the Mellieha Local Council.

“We will be sponsoring the restoration of the guardroom of this tower, which will be called ‘The Atlas Room’ ” said Catherine Calleja, Atlas Director and Group Company Secretary. “The guardroom will serve as a visitors’ centre and multipurpose room located at the edge of the ditch which surrounds the tower.”

“The demolition and restoration work on the guardroom commenced a few weeks ago. Work is being done with extreme care so as not to further damage the stonework” added Ms Calleja.

The White Tower was built during the reign of Grand Master Martin de Redin, who built 13 towers in the first two years of his brief three-year reign. The Tower in L-Ahrax was constructed in 1658 and was the sixth tower to be built by De Redin.

Commenting on the collaboration, DLH President Maria Grazia Cassar said that “Din l-Art Helwa is very grateful to Atlas Insurance, not only for the financial support of the White Tower Restoration Project but also for the recognition of Din l-Art Helwa’s work in the protection and preservation of Malta’s built and natural heritage.” She added “We hope that through this project a strong relationship with Atlas and its staff will be nurtured and we look forward to their involvement as works get underway.”

Din l-Art Ħelwa plans to use the place for educational and cultural initiatives. It is planned to create facilities to host students, youths and other groups, for overnight stays, including access and facilities for disabled persons. The site will be open regularly to visitors who will learn about the history of the tower and other fortifications, as well as enjoy a permanent interactive exhibition focusing on marine life and flora and fauna of the surrounding environment.