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Atlas Healthcare launches distribution of Group Life on World Health Day

Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited has recently been licenced by the MFSA to act as agent for IVALIFE Insurance Limited, which is a new life insurance company equally owned by Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd, APS Bank plc, Gasan Mamo Insurance Limited and MaltaPost plc. 

The theme of World Health Day in 2021 ties in well with employee benefits as it deals with building a fairer, healthier world. Leaders are called upon to ensure living and working conditions that are conducive to good health. While employers can’t always prevent the worst from happening, they can help by building in benefits which give the peace of mind that when something does go wrong, there is an adequate safety net.

As leading local Group Health insurance providers, the Atlas team has close relationships and enjoys an excellent reputation with the business and corporate sector. Atlas Healthcare excels in the area of employee benefits, and apart from health insurance, has pioneered the launch of standalone dental insurance locally and, more recently, ICAS International Employee Assistance Programmes.

Catherine Calleja, Managing Director of Atlas Healthcare said: “Group Life as a benefit has so many synergies with Group Health.  Apart from paying for medical bills, offering Group Life as a benefit for the team, ensures the peace of mind that if the worst should happen, the employee’s family is looked after. IVALIFE’s Group Health policy also offers excellent additional benefits including cover for Critical Illness and Disability which offer extremely useful add-ons to the benefits package as a whole.”

IVALIFE and Atlas Healthcare have been providing extensive training to the Atlas Healthcare team on group life business and also individual life protection products that can be used for mortgage protection, family protection and also as key person insurance.  

Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited (C32603) is authorised under the Insurance Distribution Act, to act as Enrolled Insurance Agents for IVALIFE Insurance Limited (C94404) to carry on long term insurance business and is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”).