Atlas Group

Passing away of Mr Bryan Gera

With sorrow we announce the passing away of Bryan Gera who had a long association with Atlas, and even before that with Formosa & Camilleri Limited. Mr Gera joined the board of Formosa & Camilleri upon the merger of Alfred Formosa & Sons and Walter Camilleri Limited in 1981 as the first non-executive director in the Group’s history. With the mergers that followed in 1998 and 2000 to form Atlas Insurance Agency and later Atlas Insurance Limited, Mr Gera remained on the board. Mr Gera brought his level-headedness, wide experience of various industries and inimitable wit to our board assisting in moving the company forward through its transformation into an insurance company and the setting up of the new board structure with a majority of independent non-executive directors in 2014 when he resigned from the board.

Mr Gera was a great proponent of business education and philanthropy also within Atlas. He was the force behind the focus on Business Education at the Malta Chamber during his long association with that institution. He continued to contribute in his family business Alfred Gera and Sons until recently. He was also Chairman of Farsons and the Farsons Foundation for many years.

We extend sincere condolences to his loving family, colleagues and friends who have lost a great personality and enthralling story-teller who despite his business successes, loved the simple things of life and always retained his love for and interest in the people around him and their stories.