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Matthew von Brockdorff shares his toughts on the APS Summer Festival

Matthew von Brockdorff on why Atlas Supported the APS Summer Festival 2021

This article was originally published on The Malta Independent

APS Bank invited Atlas Insurance to support in the organization of the APS Summer Festival 2021. Matthew von Brockdorff, Managing Director and CEO of Atlas Insurance, shares his thoughts about the festival.

Why did Atlas Insurance accept APS Bank’s invitation to be part of the APS Summer Festival 2021?

Atlas is delighted to do its part in this great initiative as we want to be there to celebrate together with APS Bank a careful and safe return to the ‘new normal’. Apart from the excellent relations that exist between the two entities, we believe that the APS Summer Festival ought to receive our full support as it demonstrates the ability of its organisers, led by artistic director Annalisa Schembri, to set up such an impressive line-up of artists and showcase local talent, within this very particular and challenging period we are living in. I sincerely congratulate APS and the event organisers for their stamina, resolve and ability to adapt the event in line with the current COVID-19 health directives – thus guaranteeing fantastic artistic expression and open-air entertainment, in a safe environment.

The festival brings together a diverse and impressive line-up of acts and performances. Just like we were there, supporting our customers throughout the pandemic, Atlas Insurance wants to be there and continue to give its support at this transitional phase, with a special emphasis on the arts and culture.

How has Atlas been supporting the local community during the pandemic?

Atlas has been supporting and will continue supporting the community it operates in. We believe in promoting the value of ‘purpose beyond profit’. Sustainability, ESG and CSR are high on our agenda, and our focus is to continue contributing to health and wellness, community support and to our culture and heritage.

During the pandemic we continued investing in an initiative we started just two months before the first case of COVID-19 in Malta, namely the Atlas Youth Athlete of the Month Award. Since then we awarded over 16 young athletes from all sporting disciplines. We have also renewed our main sponsorship with Melita FC.

We have also supported the arts through the sponsorship of Anna Calleja’s exhibition titled “Homebound” in March. In addition, earlier this year, we sponsored the Digital Marketing Innovation Award during the Junior Achievement Young Enterprise (JAYE) finals and awards night.

In the earlier phase of the pandemic, we supported the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, with the aim of providing a good meal a day for up to 500 families and individuals who struggled during the COVID-19 crisis. In 2021, we raised funds through donations from Atlas employees in aid of three NGOs in order to help alleviate the negative impact that the pandemic had on the fund-raising opportunities of these organisations. In total, Atlas donated a total of Eur7,500 to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, Caritas and the Association for Abandoned Animals.

What do you think of the shows that were performed?

The line-up of artists is impressive and I am told by colleagues of mine who attended various nights thus far that the quality of the acts and the production is impressive. Well done!

Do you think the APS Summer Festival has proven that ‘COVID safe’ events can be held, to help promote arts and culture?

As I stated earlier, the real success of this event is the ability to face adversities and being agile in order to put together a high-calibre festival, while adapting to the changing circumstances dictated by the pandemic. Having a safe environment where people can enjoy an evening of entertainment is so important in the current circumstances. It sends the right message out there. In addition, the festival is a great platform for the artists who could not perform or share their talents that often in the last 18 months.

Can you please share your final thoughts about the APS Summer Festival 2021?

As Annalise Schembri said in a recent interview, the festival is “a space of human connection, where arts and culture take centre stage in a free and fair way, without any strings attached or any inhibitions – a festival that puts the artists at the centre of its existence and develop opportunities for them to perform and to fulfil their potential again, as they also navigate this pandemic season away from being able to perform and get on stage again.”

I believe that sums it up perfectly!

The APS Summer Festival was supported by the University of Malta, Atlas Insurance PCC Ltd and Kinnie.