Atlas Insurance

Our Legacy & Brand Update – Interview with Matthew in the Sunday Times

This article originally appeared in the Sunday Times of Malta (Pg 42)

Atlas Insurance is this year celebrating its 100-year legacy. How does it resonate with you to serve as the CEO of a company steeped in such a profound history?

Being the CEO of Atlas Insurance at this juncture fills me with pride but also a big sense of responsibility. Reflecting on the individual achievements of our antecedents and the mergers that gave rise to Atlas Insurance as it is today, heightens our sense of accountability to carry their legacy forward.

We believe that our continued success depends on our prioritising customer experience, robust corporate governance, commitment to progressive human resource practices and ESG in general. Growth through the embracing of experimentation for continuous innovation can only happen within these parameters.


Atlas Insurance’s legacy is a testimony of the adaptations to a changing market over the years. Why did Atlas feel this to be the right timing for a brand refresh?

If we look back at our company’s branding, it’s evident that we’ve continuously adapted and adjusted along the way.  Our brand has had several iterations, with the most recent one being the longest standing. It held a special place in our hearts and became synonymous with our history, instilling a sense of confidence, strength, and a positive reputation.

When the discussion arose about introducing a new logo, it was initially met with a mix of emotions, including attachment and apprehension. This prompted us to delve deeper into our own purpose and principles as well as the practical considerations of the new reality. Believing strongly in the importance of not becoming complacent and consistently questioning the need for adaptation, the ensuing sentiment was that we should examine the need for change, considering both emotional and business perspectives, and maintain a forward-looking approach.

Reflecting on the sentiments of staff, customers and other stakeholders, there emerged a consensus that refreshing the brand would reflect the reinvigoration of our purpose and principles that we stand for and which we deem necessary to propel us forward. Indeed, what better occasion than our centenary celebrations to provide the impetus for introducing something new.


What were your sentiments about changing the logo and what are the characteristics that define the new design?

When we initiated the brand refresh, I was genuinely excited about the prospect of change. We maintained an open mind, prioritizing a collective positive sentiment and a rigorous process in line with our company culture.

As the journey progressed, we witnessed alignment and enthusiasm from board members, and staff. The overwhelming consensus so far has been positive, with the majority praising the refresh for its simplicity, freshness, and link to our strong brand reputation.

The updated and simplified elements reflect our forward-thinking approach, symbolizing our readiness to embrace new challenges and opportunities while staying true to our roots.

We recognized the importance of not merely replicating the traditional, and rather complex imagery of Atlas supporting the world – he actually supported the heavens in Greek mythology.  Instead, we sought to convey this through a symbolic perspective. Abstracting elements such as the shoulders and the notch, we incorporated them into a circular motif. This evolved into a rounded object reminiscent of the sun and sunrise, symbolizing optimism and forward momentum. This approach reflects our commitment to a future-oriented outlook while retaining the essence of Atlas in a distinctive and innovative manner.


The new purpose statement, “Building a positive tomorrow, together”, is very meaningful in your organisational culture. What are your thoughts in this regard?

This statement came out of our process of revisiting our purpose and guiding principles. While we maintain our customer-facing slogan, “People you can trust,” which is timeless, we’ve introduced a new slogan closely aligned with our culture and purpose.

“Building a positive tomorrow, together” serves as a purpose for us. We openly prioritise our talent, believing that this is the heart of everything we do and that it will ultimately reflect in the way we interact with our customers, creating a positive impact throughout our interactions.   The purpose statement also highlights our strong and very real commitment to sustainability.  ESG principles have been integrated into our strategic process with clear measurables and targets which are regularly reported.   It is only by believing that each of us, and public interest entities even more so, can make a difference that we can move towards mitigating the climate change realities that are facing us.

To coincide with the launch of our brand refresh, this year we brought forward our Atlas Day to an earlier date. This fired up the team spirit, aligning with our goal of revisiting our culture and refreshing our brand identity.


What is the business outlook for Atlas going forward?

The brand refresh signifies an energized outlook for Atlas Insurance, emphasising our commitment to sustained growth and strengthening our position in the market. Reflecting on our past achievements inspires us to face future challenges with courage amid a constantly changing business environment.

We continue to invest confidently in supporting our growth trajectory, while ensuring the well-being of our staff, maintaining excellence in customer service, and furthering our international expansion, particularly in the area of protected cells, which has seen notable success.

My message remains one of gratitude to the team behind the brand refresh and who worked tirelessly to implement the transition. Without a doubt my gratitude is also to all of Team Atlas who embrace each day with enthusiastic dedication to their work. I feel privileged and proud to be part of this energised and competent team.


To mark its 100-year legacy, Atlas Insurance will be holding an exhibition themed ‘Centennial Chronicles, Celebrating Malta’s Commercial Legacy’.  The exhibition at the Malta Chamber will run from mid April 2024 to the end of May.