Data Protection Statement


Who is the controller of personal data of Atlas Clients?

Atlas Insurance PCC Limited and/or Atlas Healthcare Insurance Agency Limited and/or any other subsidiaries of Atlas Holdings Limited or any of its daughter companies (hereinafter “Atlas”) and or AXA PPP healthcare Limited (in the case of health policies) are the controllers of personal data held about policyholders and other persons whom policyholders insure with Atlas (hereinafter “Others”).   This is in terms of the Data Protection Act [Chapter 440 Laws of Malta] (“the Act”).  


How does Atlas use my personal data?

By accepting to be insured with Atlas Insurance PCC Limited or AXA PPP healthcare, the policyholder and Others acknowledge and accept the terms of this Data Protection Statement. Therefore, the policyholder warrants that s/he has shown this statement to Others and obtained their necessary explicit verbal consent to allow Atlas to:


a.       process personal or sensitive data in terms of the Act, insofar as such processing relates to:


  1.                            the assessment of creditworthiness;

  2.                            risk management and assessment;

  3.                            underwriting;

  4.                            the handling and settling of claims and other related matters;

  5.                            the detection, prevention and suppression of fraud;

  6.                            the keeping of statistics;

  7.                            the collection of premiums and other dues;

  8.                            reinsurance and co-insurance;

  9.                            the establishment, exercise or defence of any legal right;

  10.                            the performance of any legal or contractual obligation;

  11.                            marketing – but see ‘What are my rights?’ below

  12.                            internal management and related activities.

b.       disclose personal or sensitive data held by Atlas or AXA PPP healthcare Limited (or any other member of the AXA Group and any other companies acting under AXXA PPP healthcare’s instructions (any of which may be located outside the European Economic Area) in the case of health policies, to other insurers or to persons acting on their behalf and/or instructions, including (but not limited to) the Malta Insurance Association, insurance intermediaries, the ETARS traffic accident database, the Malta Association of Credit Management (MACM), the Malta Insurance Fraud Platform, banks for payment purposes and other appointed experts such as motor surveyors or private investigators, together with the Commissioner of Police or any person, body or authority authorised by law to receive personal or sensitive data.  The aim of the Malta Insurance Fraud Platform is to prevent, detect, suppress and/or prosecute insurance fraud and the platform is administered on our behalf by the Malta Insurance Association (MIA).  You can find out more about the Malta Insurance Fraud Platform and the MACM by visiting their websites.


c.        receive personal or sensitive data relating to the policyholder and Others from third parties such as those listed in paragraph (b) above or others such as (but not limited to) the ETARS traffic accident database, the Court Judgements database and the Registry of Companies, which are legally entitled to communicate such data and that such data may be processed for the purposes laid down in paragraph (a) and disclosed as described in paragraph (b) above.


Atlas may also record telephone conversations for training, security and quality control purposes. CCTV cameras are in use throughout our premises and branches.

What are my rights?

The policyholder and Others have a right to submit a written and signed request for access to, rectification, and, where applicable, erasure of personal data held by Atlas.


Atlas will keep the policyholder and Others informed of their products and services by any means.   The policyholder and/or Others may inform Atlas in writing if they do not wish to receive this information by sending an email to or writing to The Customer Care Manager, Atlas Group, 47-50, Ta’ Xbiex Seafront, Ta’ Xbiex XBX 1021.


What information do we collect from our website and how?


a.       Personal data: The personal information that the Group collects through this website may include details such as your name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone number, date of birth, bank/credit card details and health information.

Personal information is collected by the Group via this website:

  •          through enquiry, registration and claim forms;
  •          when you purchase any of our products or services;
  •          when  you fill out a survey, or vote in a poll on this website;
  •          through applications; and
  •          through feedback forms.


b.       Non personal data: We may automatically collect and store the following non-personal information:

  •          The requested web page or download;
  •          Whether the request was successful or not;
  •          The date and time when you accessed the site;
  •          The Internet address of the web site or the domain name of the computer from which you accessed the site;
  •          The operating system of the machine running your web browser and the type and version of your web browser.


This information is strictly for the purpose of gathering usage statistics for


c.        Cookies: we may also collect information that could identify your computer to us (through your IP address) and/or that tells us about how you use our website. These are pieces of information (known as ‘cookies’), sent by the server, stored on a user’s computer for the purpose of automatic identification of a particular user when using our services. ‘Cookies’ enable us to quickly confirm your identity and owing to them the use of our services becomes much easier and more widely available. ‘Cookies’ are used solely with the purpose of personalizing a particular user. ‘Cookies’ can be used on condition that they are accepted by a browser and that they shall not be removed from the storage media. Users who removed ‘cookies’ from their storage media or have not accepted them on their browser may not have access to products or services offered on our site.  We do not link the information we store in cookies to any personal data you submit while on our site.



We may occasionally update this Data Protection Statement. Therefore we suggest that you periodically review this statement to stay informed about how we are meeting our obligations under the Act.
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