Motor Insurance Claims

What to do in the Case of a Motor Vehicle Accident

  1. Download the Motor Claims form.
Instructions which should be followed carefully in the event of an accident:


  • Do not state that the accident was your fault
  • Do not blame the other party
  • Do not argue - keep calm
  • Except in the case of a front-to-rear (bumper to bumper) collision, do not move the vehicles until the Local Wardens have taken details
  • Always keep a front-to-rear collision form in your vehicle
  • Except in the case of a front-to-rear collision, call the Local Wardens (on 21320202) to the scene of an accident without moving the vehicles involved
  • If you have a camera with you, take photographs of the collision
  • Keep a note of the following details of the Third Party (the other person/people involved in the accident):
  • Name, address and telephone number
  • Vehicle registration number
  • Insurer, type of cover and policy number
  • Keep a note of names and addresses of witnesses including passengers
  • Draw a rough sketch of the accident noting measurements as well as:
  • Weather conditions
  • Road marks and traffic signs, brake or skid marks
  • Lighting of both cars
  • Advise us of the accident on the same day it occurs. If it occurs on a weekend, advise us first thing on Monday morning.