Boat Insurance Malta


Atlas offers two levels of boat insurance:

  • Comprehensive Cover where you are insured against damage to the insured boat as well as for third party liabilities and you are provided with personal accident cover for total peace of mind. 
  • Third Party Only Cover covers both property damage and bodily injury to Third Parties 

Two different types of policies are available to cater for the different types of boats. Click on one of the options below for a summary of the policy you require, or click on the quotes tab to request a quote.

Sailing Yachts & Cabin Cruisers
Atlas Plain Sailing   Key Facts   Policy

Motor Boats

Powered open motor or speed boats
Not exceeding 40 knots   Key Facts
Over 40 knots   Key Facts

RIBs (Rigid Inflatables)

Rigid hull inflatable craft
Not exceeding 40 knots   Key Facts
Over 40 knots   Key Facts

Private Jet Skis

Privately owned Jet Skis for non commercial use
Atlas Latitude   Key Facts

You can find a summary of our boat insurance policies here